Episode 136 - Burn Victim

Is this the new Standard? We're pretty excited with the results from this week's Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad. Cameron gets burned to the face playing Modern, while Curtis makes some poor financial decision in order to build a Standard deck. We dive into the Pro Tour Top 8 Results, discuss what it means for Modern now that it's not part of the Pro Tour, and speculate what it means now that pros don't receive 3,000 dollars for showing up to an event. Thank you for your honor. 

00:00- Our Weeks

11:40- Pro Tour Discussion

27:00 - Say Goodbye to the Modern Pro Tour

30:45- Platinum Appearance Fees

40:00- Random Talk 

Cameron McCoy - @Cameron_McCoy

Curtis Nower - @CurtisNow

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Music by Micah Jones