Episode 181 - The Modern Lovefest

Guys, we don't know what's wrong, but this week, we're really positive with Modern. Cameron plays another league with U/R Kiln Fiend, while Curtis finds solace with Bant Eldrazi. We discuss the new MTGO Payout system and what it means for Channel Fireball to exclusively host GPs. We also  go over the new flick Get Out and the six-month old game No Man's Sky. Thank you for your honor. 

00:00 - Our Modern Love-fest Discussion

10:15 - MTGO Payout and Channel Fireball GP Discussion

30:00 - Get Out and No Man's Sky

Cameron McCoy - @Cameron_McCoy

Curtis Nower - @CurtisNow

Our show - @SpikeFeedMTG

Music by Micah Jones

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